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Welcome to my site of Healthy RecipesTips!

🤗 I am very excited that you are here!

I want you to know that I changed to Paleo Diet about 5 years ago and believe me, I am happy I did it, I was no feel well, I was overweight, had insomnia, my belly was big, my bones started to bother me, I felt bloated in the mornings; went to the doctor and found that I have thyroid issues and a small nodule in my right side.  When I suppressed the junk food, day by day, and started to add healthy foods and supplements I became healthier and lost weight (50 pounds without any kind of diet) as well I feel with much more energy, and the elasticity and color of my skin have changed, my thyroid issues have been regulated, it´s is not working 100% fine but it´s much better now.   

I always have been enjoying cooking for my family and friends, but already, I know that the food I offer them is more healthy-friendly to nourish and protect the body. That´s why I created this site, to share my recipes and tips to be in good shape in general, my perspective of what you can eat trying to help you on this journey. 

The space of the kitchen is one of my better places to stay, is where I feel more secure and confident, it makes me flourish and be happy as well 💗 sharing food means you care for others and express that you want them to be part of your table.

I am neither a writer, nor a philosopher, nor a dietitian, nor a fitness practitioner; I am a free-thinking person who has chosen to live healthily and try to make everyone around me starts to think differently about the food we are eating, and the relation between the gut and the brain with my little knowledge, and after that, they will decide what they want to do, but the majority have been changing and they feel stupendous, and this has been making me elaborate more and more recipes for everyone.

We have heard for some time now, that it should be necessary to change some of the habits which we were raised by our parents, we have been adding the stress and depression,  and the fast life we are immersed in,  the accelerated development of science, economics, and technology, the necessity to work more hours to provide the things we want, and the changes in the environment among others, have been killing us along the way, and we don´t think too much of the impact on our well-being, also we have been eating rapidly and added junk food to solve our primary necessity, without realizing that it´s the first step that we have to think about,  because from it depends on our health, the capacity to be working hard, and to live more years with a focused brain to help ourselves, and to look after, the new generation that will come to be healthy, strong and able to confront the life without big issues.    

We should all be aware that it is necessary to play our part in preserving our health and the environment where we live, but I think it is very complicated to put everyone in agreement, there are different interests, the cultures where we all have grown, ones better than others, make us more to overcomplex of the way we see what is better for us or not, or what is more common o more rapid to consume without getting into more deep questions.

The most important thing to have is the determination to do the change if we each put a little bit of us, someday we can achieve it, and to live in a world more reasonable and equitable, no matter who you are or where you come from. The change is always complicated to understand, but not impossible to do.

Knowledge is the essential key to all this, and I think with a little valuable information that we get from real research and organizations, we can start to understand what is happening and hurting us and how we can gradually remove them from our lives.    

Is the Paleo Diet Healthy?

Nature brings us a lot of kinds of wholesome and whole food products, why we don't use them like they are? that´s why the Paleo Diet is not really a diet, it is a lifestyle, and some communities support and share the recipes with people to encourage and help each other. 
It has become more popular because although is new now, it is retaken from our Paleolithic ancestors. Researchers of several medical disciplines have discovered that the kind of diet that today we are consuming has taken us to many illnesses like heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer's, infertility, degenerative, and Parkinson´s diseases.

What food should we eat?

The Paleo Diet is high in healthy fats, moderates in animal protein, and low in carbohydrates. Preferably organic and non-GMO, to cut the anti-inflammatory compounds in it.

- Fish and seafood 
- Grass feed produced meats and organs
- Bone broths
- Pasture-raised eggs
- Seeds and nuts 
- Health oils or fats (extra virgin: olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, fish oil, duck fat, beef tallow, lard, ghee)
- Fresh veggies
- Fresh fruits
- Tubers (in moderation)
- Sweeteners (raw coconut, dates or maple sugars, raw honey, molasses, raw maple syrup, raw stevia, erythritol, inulin fiber, but you can also use the fruit itself like:  dates, figs, monk fruit, etc)
- Green beans (eat the other legumes in fewer quantities and the best way are: soaked in water for long hours before cooking them, sprouted or fermented).

What food to avoid?

- Hydrogenated or partial hydrogenated vegetable oils
- Sugar, sugary drinks like any kind of soda, packaged fruit juices, etc.
- Remove all the grains and cereals made with them
- Dairy products (you can get them if they are fermented or raw)

Eating paleo means that you are starting to eat healthier than the day before, means that your body begins to get more energy, you will feel well, your levels of sugar are regulated, you have a healthy gut with better absorption of nutrients, your allergy if any is reduced, sleep more hours deeply, more cerebral approach, you gain more lean muscles, boots the function of the cells, the skin color and elasticity have better improvements.

I recommend, give it a try for a month, if you don´t feel well, let it go, or remove the part that is affecting you.

Paleo Diet and environmental impact

The quality and how the production of food interrelates with the environment in general and then with us is very important for everyone.  I do not know about you, but I would like to live on a sustainable planet, with pure and fresh air, that chemical waste is not thrown away to the sea, rivers, etc., that the land is fertile and I want to see the rotation of the crops, to stimulate the soil and the plants that grow strong and healthy, that the animals go back to the grass and return to the soil the quality that so many needs without the pollution and desertification that affect the health of the planet and everyone.

I think in this way we are contributing to saving our planet. It is a long way we have to pass by but is better than don´t do anything.

By buying organic vegetables. fruits, tubers, nuts, seeds, and grass pasture meats we are also, encouraging and helping our community and small farmers.

Speaking of organic food, I do not have money left over at all, like many of you, I rather need it, so I try to play with it and prioritize what is necessary. The best way I have found is to buy them in reasonable quantities, the species, seeds nuts, and meat, fruits, vegetables, and tubers, weekly or every fifteen days, trying that they don´t be spoiled. That way you'll save money.

Every step that you do, please, make your own research first, to see it´s working for you. Many people have allergies to a kind of nuts, and different oils, veggies, flours, spices, etc. Take this into account and level up yourself a little by little, gradually increase or decrease according to your needs, budget, try, taste it, and see your own results.
I hope that as I am part of the paleo movement for being healthy, and all of this means in our lives now and then, without sacrifice to eat deliciously, you could be part also. Could you?  😊

Thank you,

Marta Tome


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